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SOSI the Squirrel


Here are some fun commonalities between SOSI the Squirrel and Lindy:

  • Squirrels can fly…So does Lindy between new Projects across the country!
  • Squirrels have great vision…Lindy has excellent physical vision as well as the vision to think outside the box when working on new projects.
  • When frightened, Squirrels dart back and forth to confuse predators…Lindy, just likes to dart back and forth to keep everyone on their toes!
  • Squirrels are on almost every continent except Antarctica and Australia…Lindy has been seen in almost every state in the US including Puerto Rico!

When Squirrels live in groups, they exhibit camaraderie. This unselfish trait usually comes off when they feel that there is danger approaching. They will produce a warning call to alert their fellows from lurking predators. The one who initiates the calls-yes, the good guy (aka Lindy), is likely to be the one to leave last. Hence, his position in life is put in more danger.

All kidding aside, Lindy always has his clients best interests in mind for every project he assists them with. Believing that in the end, by doing the best thing for his clients will land him in a happy place.